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Digitale Dokumente

Kosmonautentraum fand diese wunderschöne Sammlung digitalisierter Bücher über Pflanzen: Rare Books from the MBG libary.

Hier eine Seite aus Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte:

[Beispielseite: Cannabis sativa]

p. s.: An dieser Stelle muss ich erwähnen, dass hier keine Blogmen gelten. Das konnte ich nicht einmal ignorieren. — Muss ich nun die Rubrik dieses Eintrags auf Moral ändern?

Looking for the root of the word mind I found this english etymological dictionary. A useful tool.

Kafka Project: Kritische Editionen und teilweise Manuskripte in deutsch.

Cornell's Witchcraft Collection contains over 3,000 titles documenting the history of the Inquisition and the persecution of witchcraft.” (via netbib)

Die Nibelungen-Handschrift C digital. (via Heise News-Ticker)

[Initiale U]

The city of Alexandria invited Umberto Eco who gave a a lecture on the future of books. Maybe readworthy.

Marginal comments:

—Let me speak for the sake of simplicity of vegetal memory in order to designate books. (Why not speak simply of books?)

—The WWW is the Great Mother of All Hypertexts, a world-wide library where you can, or you will in short time, pick up all the books you wish. (An to break copy-right?)

—A person reading the Encyclopaedia Britannica every night before sleeping, from the first to the last page, would be a comic character. (I don't agree.)

—E-books … will not substitute for other kinds of books that we love to read in bed before sleep … (Will they?)

—I have been told that some hackers, grown up on computers and unused to browsing books, have finally read great literary masterpieces on e-books, but I think that the phenomenon remains very limited. (Hoho. No comment.)

The Aberdeen Bestiary. “The entire manuscript has been digitised using Photo-CD technology, thus creating a surrogate, while allowing greater access to the text itself. The digitised version, offering the display of full-page images and of detailed views of illustrations and other significant features, is complemented by a series of commentaries, and a transcription and translation of the original Latin.” (via Kosmonautentraum)

Eugene Fields Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac als E-Text im Electronic Text Center der University of Virginia Library. (via inetbib)

Ein ganzes Buch über die Relativitätstheorie im Volltext. (via Der Schockwellenreiter).

But who is the author? The domain at least belongs to Kevin Brown. From th epreface:

This book examines the evolution of the principle of relativity in its classical, special, and general incarnations, both from a technical and a historical perspective, with the aim of showing how it has repeatedly inspired advances in our understanding of the physical world.

The first issue is available. Nature as skeptical observer. No comment from Science and Cell yet.